Monday, December 10, 2007

The Principles of Uncertainty

I worked on a book called (un)Fashion with Maira Kalman in my publishing days and I have to say that it was one of the most interesting book parties I have ever attended (it was at a dry cleaning factory in the West Village with unlimited booze provided by Absolut) - I am going to to leave it at that. She is a true original and The Principles of Uncertainty is a must for any Maira Kalman fan! I have it on my wishlist :-)


Cricket said...

FYI - check out Barnes and for this book. After the copy I ordered for me arrived, I went back to order more for friends. I fell off the couch when I saw this price! I took the plunge, ordered 4 copies and wondered what shape they'd be in. They are perfect! I'm an Amazon girl, but always get B&N gift cards from my siblings and this was a bonus gift!!!

a. said...

I use both. I have a B&N across from my office and have that discount membership card you have to pay a yearly fee for and you can use it online and in the store!