Monday, November 24, 2008

Kids Books: Everbody Bonjours!

Everybody Bonjours! Shop a fancy France-y store. Eat a pretty petit four. Discover! Sightsee! Explore! On this fun and friendly tour, everybody says “Bonjour!” Whether at a soccer stadium (“players scoring”), a crêpe stand (“batter pouring”), or strolling the Champs d’Elysee (where folks “bonjour” in every store), a little girl and her family are welcomed everywhere with the signature French greeting. Jump into these pages and enjoy the trip! Through lilting words and lively images, Everybody Bonjours welcomes young reader-travelers to a Paris that isn’t just for artists, grown-ups, and dreamers–it’s for kids!


Elizabeth H. said...

This is a must have!!! Thanks!

Gigi said...

Adorable! I will buy this for K for Christmas for sure! As soon as I have a moment I will email you about our LA trip!