Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kids Books: Charlotte in London

Charlotte in London -- It's 1895. Charlotte and her family came to France three years ago so that her father could learn to paint in the French style of Impressionism. Now they are traveling to London to see if the famous artist John Singer Sargent will paint Charlotte's mother's portrait. In London Charlotte and her best friend Lizzy stay in their own room at the Savoy Hotel attend a fancy dinner party with famous writers watch boat races on the River Thames learn about legendary London ghosts and even visit a gypsy camp.

Illustrated with beautiful museum reproductions and exquisite watercolor paintings the book also includes biographical sketches of the featured painters. This vibrant journal of Charlotte's exciting journey will make any reader long for lovely London.


vicki archer said...

I like the sound of that London and I would love to be Charlotte, xv.

Gigi said...

Cute, cute, cute! K has become a big fan of your blog. She loves on the the picture on the top of your other blog.
Saw some cute John Derian cards at Target yesterday. Please email me your address.