Thursday, March 26, 2009

Matthew Higgs: Never Look Back / Pressed / Fifteeen People Present Their Favorite Book

Matthew Higgs is an artist, a curator, a writer, a publisher and one of the truly vital forces shaping contemporary art. This an exhibition in three parts, with sections entitled Never Look Back; Pressed; and Fifteen People Present Their Favorite Book [After Kosuth], which demonstrates the variety of his creative work. Never Look Back is an exhibition of new work; it consists of framed book pages and photographs of books that are framed and hung on gallery walls. Pressed is an exhibition of letterpress prints by Peter Doig, Kay Rosen, Dave Muller, Rirkrit Tiravanija and others all published by White Columns, an alternative exhibition space in New York City where Higgs has been director and head curator since 2004.The central orienting point for the show is an installation of books entitled Fifteen People Present Their Favorite Book [After Kosuth]. This is a remake of a little known work by Joseph Kosuth from 1967 in which Kosuth took books chosen by Carl Andre, Robert Morris, Sol Lewitt and others and presented them as an installation in the Lannis Gallery. You can read more here.

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