Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dom Perignon: A History of Champagne

Dom Perignon: A History of Champagne -- Dom Pierre Perignon tells the story of the world's most luxurious champagne, tracing its circuitous history across four centuries, arranged in three chapters--one each for the seventeenth, eighteenth and twentieth centuries. Beautifully produced, in keeping with its subject, this page-turning luxury object unravels the myth of Dom Perignon champagne, beginning with its namesake--the pioneering Benedictine Monk Dom Pierre Perignon--who set out to create the best wine in the world. Offering glimpses of the champagne-infused hedonism of Louis XV's court at Versailles, Marilyn Monroe's glamorous affiliation with the beverage and Karl Lagerfeld's recent advertising campaign for the brand, this volume incorporates a spectrum of artifacts, including texts, drawings, paintings, photographs and film stills from artists and writers such as Francois Boucher, Denis Diderot and Jonathan Swift.

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