Friday, February 15, 2008

Overheard in New York

A few of my personal favorites:

Teen girl tourist: "...And he was like, 'You people from Connecticut! All you ever do is drink cocktails and text-message each other!'" - 2 train

Girl: "He had the nerve to tell me that I had no life. I was like, 'I do too have a life! I am drinking constantly!'" - Petite Abeille, Tribeca

Hipster chick: "Quite frankly, I'd rather wash all my bras tonight." - F train


Brilliant Asylum said...

I once overheard a weird conversation on a subway. A man was saying that he sent his landlord a Quaker Oatmeal box full of dead roaches since he was ignoring their insect problem. Gross.

New York is full of interesting stories!

I Love Your Whole Face said...

I find the Connecticut comment slightly appalling and true!