Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beverly Hills Adjacent

Beverly Hills Adjacent -- This satirical look at the entertainment industry follows an anxious actor and his put-upon wife during pilot season. Mitch Gold’s show, Molar Opposites, gets canceled, throwing him back into the large pool of actors seeking work for the new television season. Mitch doesn’t possess the matinee-idol looks that help an actor land lead roles, so he is forced to compete for supporting parts and finds himself up against his nemesis, Willie Dermot, who always seems to be just a slightly better fit for the roles Mitch wants. Meanwhile, Mitch’s wife, June, a poetry professor at UCLA hoping to get tenure, is under pressure to keep up with the fashionable, judgmental ubermoms at their daughter’s preschool. When a handsome, charming producer named Rich pursues June, she falls into a passionate affair and starts to wonder if life with Rich might make her happier. Anyone longing for a real look at the day-to-day business of Hollywood—from auditions to set—will find it in Steinhauer and Hendra’s piercing, funny send-up of Tinseltown.

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