Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lists for Life

Saw this in B&N a couple months ago and thumbed through it. You may think it is overly simplistic but it could be really useful especially if you get overwhelmed really easily!
Sometimes the toughest part of tackling life's to-dos is figuring out how to get started. In Lists for Life: The Essential Guide to Getting Organized and Tackling Tough To-Dos, Rory Tahari explains how to deal with each challenge one step at a time.

Filled with more than 100 manageable, easily customizable checklists, resources, and suggestions, Lists for Life offers must-have road maps for staying organized through life's biggest transitions and most stressful situations, including:

• Planning a wedding
• Buying a house
• Becoming a parent
• Raising children
• Traveling abroad
• Selling a car
• Preparing for a hospital stay
• Navigating through a divorce
• Planning a funeral
• Handling an emergency

An easy-to-use reference and handy companion, Lists for Life is the ultimate guide to breaking big moments into small, simple tasks.

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